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iMac Upgrade and Repair

iMac Repair Works


Your iMac will not turn on when you push the power button. The screen on your iMac is black. What do I do now? Don’t be concerned! We’ll go through different tests, tips, and tricks to get your iMac up and running again.

Are you confused about your iMac is having slow boot up speed and always lagging? You might want to choose FixMyMac to upgrade your device and clean the junk files

If you cannot access your Mac Internet via Wi-Fi. If your network or Internet link is not connecting, the steps below may be helpful.Look for Wi-Fi recommendations.

Does your iMac have a buzzing or crackling sound? This is because the diaphragm is broken, acting like an eardrum of human, it is not able to convert electrical signals to actual sound properly

It may really interfere with your daily life if your iMac doesn’t work correctly. You probably want to fix your iMac as quickly as possible because of how important it is.In case of fall or other accidents, iMac screens are damaged. 

When you see vertical lines, flashing screens or a very dark screen, they are all fixed when you use this service. FixMyMac always recommend that you bring iMac so we can check, unless you are very sure, that this is the screen problem. 

The mother board/ logic board can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Liquid spillage that short-circuits some electronic components and an overheated GPU are the most common.

The common issue of a dying power supply is due to overheating or unexpected power cut. FixMyMac provides replacement of faulty parts to bring back its life


Upgrade HDD to SSD or replace SSD with bigger volume is the fastest and effective way to boost the speed of an iMac. It will increase the boot up speed of operating system and application significantly

Are you good at multi-tasking? Increase the RAM of your iMac will improvise its capability to handle more command at the same time, which mean more active applications


Did you ever seen a folder with question mark when turning on your iMac? Or you want to pass your iMac to someone but concern about your privacy, Mac OS reinstallation will do its magic

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