Macbook Battery Replacement

What do you do with a swollen/damaged battery? A swollen battery can be dangerous to remove and dispose of, but leaving a swollen battery inside a system can also be dangerous. FixMyMac is here to assist you in this case.

Your MacBook’s battery can be replaced by us. After 1 year of use, the battery can need to be replaced due to insufficient and excessive charging, or water damage.

With your MacBook service, you should only trust professionals, particularly when it comes to battery replacement. Until installation, FixMyMac checks all MacBook batteries for calibration and backup, and all MacBook batteries come with a one-year warranty.

How to restore power to a Mac or MacBook that won’t turn on?

If you’ve gotten this far and your Mac is still not working, you can take it to FixMyMac. We have the best MacBook repair professionals to solve your issues with full guarantee.

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