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Fix My Mac | Repair/Replace/Revive your Mac

Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Macbook Repair Works


Did you spilled water on your Macbook by accident? FixMyMac is the place to solve your nightmare with affordable price and time frame

Are you confused about your Macbook is having slow boot up speed and always lagging? You might want to choose FixMyMac to upgrade your device or clean the junk files

During initialization, a blank screen (black, grey, or blue) should appear once or twice. Follow these measures if your Mac appears to be stuck on a blank screen.

Your USB port might be damaged over usage time caused by friction of the surface or simply by human force. It you wish to fix it, FixMyMac is always ready to assist you

The membrane underneath each keycap will lose its elasticity over time which cannot be undone, therefore it is always good to use it delicately

Does your Macbook have dead pixel or lines horizontally and vertically? It could be caused by long hours use without shutting down or pressured by foreign object in between the screen and keyboard

The mother board/logic board can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Liquid spillage that short-circuits some electronic components and an overheated GPU are the most common.


Upgrading HDD to SSD or replace SSD with bigger volume is the fastest and effective way to boost the speed of a Macbook. It will increase the boot up speed of operating system and application significantly

Are you good at multi-tasking? Increase the RAM of your Macbook will improvise its capability to handle more command at the same time, which mean more active applications


If your Macbook is heating up frequently, the air vents probably have clogged up. FixMyMac provides service to clean your Macbook and apply thermal paste to help cooling of the CPU which include dissemble, reassemble and testing

Did you ever seen a folder with question mark when turning on your Macbook? Or you want to pass your Macbook to someone but concern about your privacy, Mac OS reinstallation will do its magic

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