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Fix My Mac | Repair/Replace/Revive your Mac

Macbook Repair & Upgrade

Macbook Repair Works

Is your Mac been affected by water? Our MacBook water damage repair service is a fast and affordable way to save your device. Send a service request to FixMyMac

Are you confused as to why your Mac is slow? FixMyMac is here to help you.If your Mac is running slow we will go through various tests to speed it up.

During initialization, a blank screen (black, grey, or blue) should appear once or twice. Follow these measures if your Mac appears to be stuck on a blank screen.

This is great news if all your Mac or MacBook USBs stop working together. Not all of your ports are likely to fail at the same time, so maintenance should be easy. We will provide the most effective solution to these problems.

The keyboard is one of the most delicate components of the MacBook, and it can only be repaired by a skilled professional. All of your MacBook keyboard repair problems

Is your MacBook Pro’s screen beginning to show ominous horizontal lines at the bottom and top? Does it get worse if you use it for a long time? FixMyMac will repair your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air within short term period.

The mother board/logic board can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Liquid spillage that short-circuits some electronic components and an overheated GPU are the most common.

Replacing your old hard disk with a new one is the fastest and most effective way to make your Mac run faster. Replace your sluggish or defective laptop hard drive with a much faster SSD drive.

Trying to get more performance out of your Mac? A RAM update for your Mac will help. Your Mac will be able to manage all of the tasks you throw at it easier if you give it more memory.

FixMyMac can fix and service the cooling system on Macbooks by adding thermal paste to the processor and graphics card to pass heat to the heatsink and cleaning the component with a fan to remove dust.

You may want to reinstall macOS for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your Mac is acting differently and you believe a fresh installation of the operating system can solve the problem.

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