MacBook Touch Bar Not Responding ? Here are few ways to fix it.

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Apple added a new function to their MacBook Pros a few years back. The feature includes a touch bar with multi-touch controls for users. Even while Apple lovers were first delighted about this new function, when they eventually got to utilise it, they encountered problems. The majority of issues stemmed from it being unresponsive. If you’re having this problem and want to know how to fix it quickly, keep reading because this blog post will break down what you should do if your touch bar isn’t reacting or operating properly.

Force Quit troubling Apps

The touch bar varies often depending on what programme you’re using and what tasks your MacBook is required to perform. As a result, the Touch Bar can become unresponsive or stop working  sometimes. It either displays defective buttons or a button that is inactive.

You’ll need to force shut down the troublesome application to fix the problem. Here’s how to do it:

In the top right corner of your Mac screen, select the Apple menu.

Shut down the programme by selecting the “Force quit” option.

Force multiplied Quit the app to make sure it’s turned off, and if this app was the source of the problem, you’ll be able to solve it by following those instructions.

Refresh the Touch Bar | Option 1

If the issue was not caused by an application, try refreshing the Touch Bar itself. Use the command line on your Macbook to accomplish this. By refreshing the touch bar, you are effectively refreshing the memory and resources of the touch bar. By providing new resources, supports in the restarting of the touch bar. The problem will be solved as a consequence. Here’s how to re-energize the touch bar:

Launch Terminal app – The Terminal application can be found in the Utility section of the Applications menu. If you can’t find it, use spotlight search to look it up.

Then type the following command: ” Touch Bar Agent”

By using the return key, you may now refresh the Touch Bar. The volume issues with Touch Bar may be resolved as a result of this.

Refresh the Touch Bar | Option 2

The Activity Monitor is another option for refreshing the Touch Bar. If you’re having trouble following the previous option, or if your Touchbar’s backlight isn’t working, you could try this method. Here’s how to do it:
Open the Activity Monitor in the Applications’ Utilities section.

Look up the “Touch Bar Agent” process. This process controls your touch bar, thus if you disable it, your problem will be resolved.

Refresh the Control Strip on the Touch Bar.

Refreshing the control strip is another way to resolve the touch bar issue. It was put on the bar’s right side. Here’s how to refresh it:

Open the terminal application.

Killall Control Strip is the command to use.

Finally, press the return key to restore to the control strip.

When confronted with these challenges, consumers have a tendency to lose their data in the process. Due to mistakenly deleting something, misoperating apps, or formatting errors, etc. When this happens, we recommend using Mac data recovery software to retrieve your data.

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